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Menlo Park Tennis

 USPTA Tennis Pro Jim Heebner – Menlo Park Tennis

jim-heebner-uspta tennis-proJim has been teaching tennis for the Menlo Park Community Center for over 20 years and is a USPTA Certified Tennis Pro. He was a top ranked national junior player and was ranked 16th in Men’s Open N.C.T.A.

Jim was born and raised in Carmel and has lived in the bay area for over 30 years. He was the tennis coach at Menlo High School for five years, taught tennis at both The Olympic Club and Alpine Hills Tennis & Swim Club.

“Over the years I have developed my teaching style through my experience playing the game, teaching tennis to many different age groups and levels, working with other tennis teachers, participating in tennis workshops, studying professional tennis players, and from watching my students evolve. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my knowledge and help many people to play the great game of tennis”.


Here are a few of Jim’s favorite sayings and quotes:

Positive thought make positive shots.

If you have a chance to be aggressive go for it because that chance might not come again.

Make your opponent work (Don’t be casual or play loose points).

Control the things you can control and don’t be too hard on yourself or worry about the other things.

If you control your emotions you’ll have a better chance to turn things around or play better tennis.

Work hard on your game, practice with a purpose and the results will take care of themselves.

The more you believe the better chance you’ll achieve.

Keep tennis in perspective: It’s just a game and people play it because it’s fun!