Menlo Park Tennis

Menlo Park Tennis

NEW: Adult Classes Drop-In

Note: Players may sign up as a drop-in through Meetup. (Only if the class doesn’t fill up though the Menlo Park registration).

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Tennis Clinics for Adults (Ages 18 & up)

(Ages 18 & up)

Jim has been teaching tennis for the Menlo Park Community Center for over 20 years and is a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional. He was nationally a top junior and ranked #16 in Men’s Open N.C.T.A.. “I’m big on fundamentals, practicing with a purpose, a good workout and keeping it fun.” If the weather is questionable, call Jim 650-814-6734 one hour prior to the class start time.  Weekends may be used for make-ups. Tennis shoes and racket are required.

Adult Tennis 2 – Intermediate

The player can sustain a rally, are fairly consistent, and most common doubles formation is one up one back. This class will be a combination of fundamentals, excellent drills and playing. Here are a few things will be working on: consistency, solid groundstrokes, transition from the baseline to the net, serve, return of serve and doubles strategy. (If you would like you may practice after class with other classmates).

Instructor: Jim Heebner, Location: Nealon Park

Tues, 7:00–8:00 PM 3/20–5/22 $319/$429  Register